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desklab pro

desklab pro + Printer = No Pro Lab Processing required!


Take control of your Pro Lab processing costs. desklab pro in combination with any printer type/manufacturer ( Epson , Fuji , Noritsu etc. ) will slash your processing costs and put you in control of quality and turnaround time.


Many independent photographers and photographic companies within the school photography sector now use desklab pro for their Proof and Package print production including integrated e-commerce.


Please contact us to arrange a further discussion on how desklab pro could help your business.


Integrated with leading online platforms

Integration with GotPhoto and TheImageFile is now available. Orders are sent, processed and ripped automatically by desklab pro, ready for you to send to your preferred printer/s. Check out our video

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Design your proof card with your packages and branding.



Hook your system up with one or multiple printers. Choose from the top brands such as Epson, Noritsu and Fujifilm



Choose your online ordering system.
We can intergate with GotPhoto
and TheImageFile

Image Library

Create a quick reference structure to your images. Batch colour correction, cropping and rotating rools.

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